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21 Game-day Foods for NFC Football Teams

Do you have some football fans in your house?

My husband would watch football every day if he could. Our boys like football, especially when it comes to playing Madden on Xbox. And, the girls don’t get into football at all unless they are rooting on their brothers when they play.

But, we have a tradition everyone in the family loves. Every year we have a huge Superbowl feast. We fix game-day foods representing the tastes and colors for each team. Even the drinks are special. It is quite the spread, and none of it goes to waste.

Here are my tips to make your home tailgate celebrations special.     You can find the AFC Team tips right here.

Game-day foods for your NFC teams

NFC East Teams

Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys

Throw some fabulous Moink-ballsMoink-balls are excellent game-day food! on the grill and enjoy!

What is a Moink-ball, you ask?

Just wrap meatballs in bacon, put on the grill, and brush with barbecue sauce. Find the recipe at bbqlikeapro.com!

New York GiantsNew York Giants

Deep-dish is a great choice for game-day food!
image: Food Network

When in New York – well, actually they aren’t in New York! The Giants play in New Jersey but they still love their pizza. Most prefer deep-dish pizza, but any good quality pizza will do for a football game. Check in with Food Network for more ideas.

Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles

Now, these people know how to eat! From cheesesteaks, Italian hoagies, soft pretzels and potato chips, there are so many foods that have some type of tie to Philadelphia.

Game-day foods -hoagies can be a lot of fun to make, and fun to eat!Ham and Swiss hoagie” by jeffreyw. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Why not fix a hoagie table and let everyone pile high their choice of fixin’s. Oh, and have some Herr’s Potato Chips since they originated in Philly.

Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins

I personally am not a huge Redskins fan. And, after reading on several websites that Redskins fans don’t really get into tailgating I have another reason to not appreciate them. (Just joking – please don’t get offended). But, if we are considering food for a pigskin game, it only seems right to eat some pork.
Long live bacon for game-day foods

According to the Washington Post, one of the more popular items is chicken tenders. Why not wrap them in bacon before putting them in the oven? Wrap each chicken tender tightly in a slice of bacon. Melt 1 cup brown sugar and 1/2 stick butter in the microwave. (You may want to add a little cayenne for a sweet and spicy version). Then, brush it on the bacon. Put the tenders in the oven at 400-degrees for about 20 minutes or until bacon is done.

NFC South Teams

Atlanta FalconsAtlanta FalconsYou may not often think of cheese straws as part of your game-day foods, but it is perfect!

Cheese straws from Rhodes Bakery is a specialty of Atlanta. Or, if you don’t have one near you, try Ree Drummond’s recipe for Cayenne Cheese Straws. I love these cheese straws and I bet you will too!

Carolina PanthersCarolina Panthers

Another great semi-homemade tip: Game-day foods can be colorful, like this snack table.

Use colored icing to fill in between the cookie layers of an Oreo. It just adds a colored stripe to the cookie but makes it look great for your game. Or, put icing and sprinkles on cake, brownies or Rice-Krispy treats.

Then, set out any of your other favorite game-day foods and have fun!

New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans Saints

Muffuletta - game-day foods for LouisiannaThe muffuletta is an Italian sandwich created in New Orleans and is made with Italian bread, salami, olive salad, cheese, and ham. You can vary the sandwich fixings a bit, but many prefer minced garlic.

The star ingredient is the olive salad giving characteristic flavors that blend perfectly with the meats and cheeses. Most importantly, moisten the bread slices with the juice from the olive salad to enhance the flavor even more.

Learn more about the details of making your muffuletta at Louisianna Kitchen and Culture.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay BuccaneersRoasted Jalapeno Honey Mustard is great with many game-day foods.

Buccaneers.com, lists one of the more popular items at the Buccaneers stadium as fried chicken wings with a jalapeno, honey-mustard dip.

This dip would be great with a lot of traditional game-day foods.

Kelly, at Eat the Gains, recommends using this dip on anything, including salads. So, use her recipe and serve it with chicken, raw veggies or fries.

NFC North Teams

Chicago BearsChicago Bears 

Game-day foods always include hot dogs - make yours a Chicago Dog!Chicago is known for its hot dogs. The traditional Chicago Dog has onions, mustard, neon-green relish, tomato wedges, a pickle spear and two sport-peppers. Hmmmm. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that.

Image: www.thecupcakeblog.com

Maybe, have a hot dog bar with all the crazy fixin’s you can come up with, and let your guests load ’em up just the way they like it!thecupcakeblog.com

Then, make these grrrreat cupcakes by adding icing, colored sugar, and what else?

Gummy bears!

Detroit LionsDetroit Lions

Pizza makes the top of the list for game-day foods.

Did you know Sicilian-style square pizza has its roots in Detroit? According to FoodNetwork.com, Buddy’s Pizza started making it back in the 1940s. Pizza definitely ranks in the best game-day foods list in our house.

Then, follow it up with a jelly-filled donut. It might not be a Detroit Paczki, but it will still make you smile.

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers

I bet you won’t be too surprised to hear this, but Packers fans like to eat! They have a great site, www.diehardpackerfan.com, where they have recipes that can stand up to those chilly Packers tailgates.

Game-day foods on the grill smell great and taste better!www.diehardpackerfan.com

Here is one of their most popular recipes:  Die Hard Packer Fan Venison Tenderloin

This can be used with any venison cut.
Marinade- (per 1 pound)

Marinate venison a minimum of 2 hours to overnight.

What You Will Need:

¼ Cup Olive Oil
3 Tablespoons Worcester sauce
Splash of Liquid Smoke (optional)
¼ Cup Coca-Cola
1 Teaspoon Garlic Salt
1 Teaspoon Black Pepper
1 Teaspoon Lawry’s Salt
1 Tablespoon Creamy Horseradish
Add chopped garlic to taste (optional)
Add enough water if needed to cover the entire portion of meat.

Grill to your liking.  For the true Lambeau experience add sliced mushrooms and onions.  

Minnesota VikingsMinnesota Vikings

Think manly football food and beverages with a Scandinavian twist for the Vikings games. Buzz Feed has a lot of ideas for your perfect tailgate!

Try a Juicy Lucy! How can a hamburger with that name be anything but good? This is a big, juicy burger with the cheese melted inside the beef. Yum! Then, grab a side of lefse, which is basically a flatbread with butter and cinnamon-sugar. If you really have a sweet tooth, try a Nut Goodie. They are popular in Minnesota; maybe because they were first created in St Paul.

Erica at Delish knows you need to stay warm in the stadium and loaded these jello shots with enough alcohol to do just that. You can always adjust the recipe to make it more family-friendly.

NFC West Teams

Arizona CardinalsArizona Cardinals 

Game-day foods representing the culture of the city are fabulous!
Charles Haynes/Flickr

Burritos, chimichangas, and nachos are staples in Arizona.

But, Arizonians also like their cheese crisps.

Simply place a tortilla on a pizza pan, smother with cheese, and put in the oven until crispy. It’s almost like a real thin cheese pizza.

Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles Rams

Game-day foods with bacon are great!

LA Dogs are a favorite among Rams fans (Ramstailgating.com). Wrap hot dogs in bacon and put them on a griddle next to onions and jalapenos so the juices run together as they cook. Add any toppings you like and serve.

According to Fox News, Blue Moon is the most popular beer in California. Why not have one with your LA Dog?

San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ers

Burritos are great game-day foods because you can carry it around while you hang out with your friends.

San Francisco is a melting pot of cultures and foods. Hawaiian barbecue, Asian foods, seafood and Mexican cuisine are all appreciated here. You can take your pick.

I, personally, would choose a burrito. This great hand-held meal makes it easy to walk around and talk at your tailgate party. Include some chips and queso, and margaritas, and you have a real party on your hands.

Seattle SeahawksSeattle Seahawks  

I lived in Seattle for a short time, and I learned to love the Pike Place district. Between the fish-throwing at the market and the Starbucks, what is not to like?

Food & Wine has a wonderful listing of what they refer to as “Seattle-centric” foods and beverages to make a football party spot-on! They have fabulous recipes ranging from crab dip, whiskey bacon, and mussels to doughnuts. Visit Food & Wine to start planning your menu.

Try some of the NFC game-day foods for your football season parties.

Comment below and tell us your favorite game-day foods! And, remember to check out my AFC game-day foods recommendations too!

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  1. Wow this is a deliciously mouth wathering lists I’ve ever encountered, those burgers and tender sausages are just eye catching. I’m just so jealous that you’re miles aways from these places.

    1. Thanks, Lexie! They do look tempting. Even miles away it would be fun to make your own versions. One person said she would host a Game of Thrones party since she doesn’t like football.

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