Hi- I’m Toni!   


Have you ever thought…If I had a second chance at life I would do it so much better the second time around?” I have, but I also know I have so many blessings in my life that I wouldn’t risk any of them in a do-over.

So, I am using my experiences to help you make the most of your life.

About Me-

I am a mother, wife, child of God, and daughter to two sets of parents (my in-laws truly are like my own). I teach at a local university, produce this blog, help with our youth group at church, and volunteer at my kids’ schools. 

My parenting experience comes from my parents, friends, things I learned as an educator, and what I learn from the Bible. I am absolutely not an expert.

At times I love cooking, cleaning, parenting, getting good deals, and trying to lead the best life I can.

Then, at other times, I absolutely cannot stand cooking, cleaning, spending less, struggling with parenting choices and trying to do the right thing.

Some people make life look so easy. But, it just isn’t always easy. It is a balancing act. My hope is that the tools and tips I have to share with you will make life just a little easier for you!

My Family

I am married to my wonderful, supportive husband. He works outside the home and is also very involved in our church. When it comes to shuffling the kids to activities and getting them fed while I am at work, he is superhero extraordinaire. He loves to hunt and fish but honestly doesn’t get nearly enough time on his own to do this.

We have five fabulous kids ranging in age from 10-15. My husband and I have been foster-parents and will likely return to fostering when the time is right.

Living within our means is important to us as we are on a modest budget. We try to make good financial choices and serve as good role models for our children. My husband and I also want to demonstrate kindness to our children. We want them to grow up to be compassionate adults who do good for others.

Sports, church, homework, and just spending some quality time together keep us pretty busy. So, it is important for me to have quick meal plans, easy cleaning tips, and ways to make shopping easier and more affordable.

Good health is also important to me. I need energy and patience for all the daily parenting issues without going crazy. I also want to be around for many years to see all the joys to come with this family. That’s always a good goal, right?

My Mission

My mission at Tips from Toni is to share tips and encouragement to make your life as a mother just a little easier. Tips for the kitchen, housekeeping, finances, and parenting, for example. I hope to encourage us all to shine the light of God for others to see and be blessed- in our home and outside our home. I hope you will enjoy this space for moms and share it with others.



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