Powerful Books Proven to Spark Kindness in Kids

If you want to spark kindness in kids let them experience these top-rated books that teach kindness through wonderful stories.

Spark Kindness in Kids

We can tell our kids to be kind until we are blue in the face, but books speak volumes!

Kids are engaged, enjoy the bonding time with you, and learn from other kids’ experiences. I recommend these books as gifts for children’s birthdays, Christmas, Hannukah, or just to enjoy together! They are so precious, and they could easily spark kindness in kids. Isn’t that what we want?

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Books for kids up to age 5

Hank Finds an Egg is a precious picture book.Your children will want to “read” this hardback book over and over again. Hank Finds an Egg is a wordless book with beautiful, hand-crafted images that are so engaging and expressive.

Follow Hank on a journey as he finds an egg and tries to do what he thinks is the right thing to do. Isn’t that what we hope? That our kids will see a need and address it?

This is precious! Watch the video below to see the images. Little ones will love it, and parents will enjoy sharing the story of Hank. Spark kindness in kids of a young age with this precious book.

LIttle Blue Truck teaches kindness from animal friends.


This is an excellent book for younger kiddos with a positive message.

Little Blue Truck is a fun book with animals, neat sounds, and friendship.

Help your children learn that friends help each other with this sweet book.


Lost and Found Cat is a book about kindness and a refugee girl.This book is appropriate for preschool through grade 3. The content is good for any age.

Lost and Found Cat introduces the true story of a young girl and her refugee family traveling to a new land. Along the way, she loses her cat.

Read this remarkable story! You will be touched by the kindness of those around the world who worked together to be sure she was reunited with her cat.

 Books for kids age 5-8

Those Shoes starts with kids picking on someone's shoes and ends with understanding.Those Shoes gives a child’s perspective on the fad we now have among boys that the most expensive shoes are the coolest.

I know many parents of boys struggle with this issue. This is a sweet story that really can explain it better to my child than my own words could.

It may get your child to think a little differently.


Spark kindness in kids with a book about looking beneath outward appearances.Strictly No Elephants has won so many awards on teaching the value of kindness and friendship, and it is clear why.

It is a sweet story that tells of excluding one animal because of its size and appearance.

We see qualities of a good friendship. And, how these qualities are more important than things you can see.

It will spark kindness in kids with its message.

Spark kindness in kids by showing them that doing good deeds for others also makes you feel good.In How Full is Your Bucket?, a young boy learns that through doing good deeds for other he feels better too.

He also learns every moment matters. Good deeds come in all sizes. This a fabulous book to spark kindness in kids. It truly teaches children to look for opportunities to do good.


Spark kindness in kids with Horton Hears a Who!Dr. Seuss books stand the test of time because of the fun rhymes, cute images, and the entertaining stories.

Horton Hears a Who! has all of these components. But, also a message of kindness and perseverance.

Also, the reminder that everyone counts. After all, “a person’s a person, no matter how small”.


Books for kids age 8-12

Wonder is truly a special book used in character education classes across the country because the story can truly spark kindness in kids. There is a reason Wonder has won so many awards, is used in schools, and is in the process of being made into a movie. This is a story starts with sadness, concern for a student and horror at the way people treat him.

It leads to the wonders of kindness. An, I believe it can spark kindness in kids of all ages.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Read it with your son or daughter. It is a great story and has many good talking points.


Out of My Mind is a touching story that can spark kindness in kids when they are around children different than themselves.Oh my goodness! If you have not read this book yet, I totally encourage you to do so. Did you notice I didn’t ask about your kids?

Adults will be touched, and kids will be amazed.

Add this book to your list of must-reads for older kids (10 and above), as it is a little longer and in depth. But, it is fabulous so I recommend it for kids and adults alike.

Go on a journey to discover what life is like for Melody in Out of My Mind. She cannot walk, talk or write but has other great talents.

This book will certainly spark kindness in kids (and adults) when they are around children with disabilities. Please purchase this book and share it with others!

A touching story of kindness in Each KindnessEach Kindness is a book about a young girl named Maya who starts in a new school. Students shun her because she is from a lower-income family and wears second-hand clothes.

This book touches on cliques, materialism, and friendships. I love this book!

And, it demonstrates the difference kindness can make to just one person. This book will spark kindness in kids. Consider this one for a reading group!

There is only one problem. They need a version for boys…

Books for teens

In a world where our teens and young adults are all about self-exposure, help them see the daily gifts in living a life Unselfish.

These are stories of kindness from regular folks to celebrities.

Mainstream media may have overlooked these stories on kindness, but the people affected are well aware.

Spark kindness in your kids (even older kids) by giving them real-world examples of kindness.

Teach kindness through words and actions.

Each of these books is special because they address kindness. They talk about different accounts or scenarios where kindness made a difference. Help your child keep an eye out for where he or she can make a difference with a little kindness. Be aware of what is in your child’s heart. Read One Amazing Way to Know Your Child’s Heart and see how books, music, and tv all matter.

Sprinkle kindness everywhere

Anyone can spread kindness. Do you want to know how to use your words for more good with your children? Read 13 Ways Your Words Can Help Your Kids. 

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9 thoughts on “Powerful Books Proven to Spark Kindness in Kids

  1. Great list Toni. Our kids are making their way out of the house 😉 but I still think I’ll slip a couple of these under the tree for them. I will be sharing this list with all of my friends, family and readers who do have young readers (or readers in making) in their lives. Thank you for including so many selections for each age group, there’s something for everyone!

  2. I love Wonder! It is a great book just to read, but to use it in a classroom or with any kids as a character education tool would be fabulous. If all kids could be so easily changed as the kids in the book it sure would be great!

    1. Tammy- I know! I think character education classes with books like this can really help. Especially if led by teachers who set a great example for the kids.

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