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Help Another Mom who is Struggling

It doesn’t take long to help another mom when she is struggling.

Want to know how you can easily help another mom? I saw a mom at the bowling alley the other day, and she looked totally frazzled because her child in the stroller was throwing a fit. She also was trying to herd her young son in the right direction to meet his group for a party. She looked like she wanted to sit on the floor and cry.

I know I have been in many situations like that. How about you?

Help another mom with her crying child.
Show understanding when another child is melting down.

Whether your child is the typical boy or girl for their age (does that exist?), or a child with special needs, as parents we will experience frustration at some point.

As someone who has been there, I encourage you to do this one thing.

Stop and let the other mom (or dad) know that we have been in their shoes and totally feel for them.

Don’t let others feel judged.

One of my children has some special behaviors, including enough energy for about ten kids. When moms would get together at church, on the playground or at any number of places, it was tough! I didn’t feel like anyone understood. I was fortunate that a few people offered kind words. Still, I felt judged by many others.

help another mom when things get tough

I don’t want to see other moms and dads feel this way.

I may not be able to get their child to calm down and behave. I’m not very successful at that with some of my own children. I do the best I can and learn what works and what doesn’t for me and my children (most of the time). I am far from perfect! What I can do, is try to help another mom through showing a little bit of kindness.

Show kindness – it makes a difference.

I’ve learned that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. When another mom shows understanding, patience, and acceptance it can help the other parent tremendously. I used to beat myself up because my child didn’t behave the way other kids did. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, or what to do to make it better. To know you are not alone, means you aren’t being frowned upon and isolated because of the way your children behave.

Help another mom by showing acceptance.A kind word can reduce a person’s stress level. This helps not only the mom, but that kindness may just be spread from the mother to the child. When a parent is stressed and at the end of her rope, it shows. The child can sense this. So, when you take the time to help another mom, you are also helping the child.

When parents feel overwhelmed, it is important for them to stop and think of how to get some help. A few options are seeking counsel from a friend or pastor, taking a break or finding a professional with whom to consult. There have been many times where I have had to take a break. I call this a “mommy time-out”. My kids know if I say “Mommy needs a time-out”, they also have quiet time to let me get the break I need. I often just go to my room for about 5 minutes to pray, cry or just regroup. Parents need to do what is necessary to keep themselves of healthy mind.

You can make a difference.

But, you can help another mom who is struggling! Try to be intentional as you go through this week. Look for other moms, and see ways you can help. The few minutes it takes for us to share encouraging words with a struggling mom, provide a great amount of comfort and encouragement and hope that she will get through these challenging times.

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